Why Creative Block Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

Posted by on September 29, 2015


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So you’re stuck in the middle of a big stinky creative block, and you just want it to go away already. You want to be flowing again, to be able to create effortlessly and see your name in print, your art on gallery walls, your creations being enjoyed by others. But something is stopping you.

It sucks, big time. Boy do I know it.


I truly believe that all sucky emotions, include the ones that make up Creative Block, are there to teach us something. They’re our wise subconscious minds, our souls, trying to communicate.

Like anger, depression, anxiety, and fear, creative block has something to teach us.

I’ve learned something from every single creative block I’ve ever experience, and I’ve experienced a bazillion of them.

Yes, I counted.

Here are just a few things my creative blocks have taught me:

To slow down and take care of myself.

To take time for inspiration. Ideas needs to be replenished.

To let go of expectations.

To be flexible and trust the unknown

That failure is never the end

That mistakes can be fixed.

These lessons are valuable and once I learned them, the blocks went away and I created again, easily, and the creations felt like exactly what I needed to express.

Blocks our are teachers, not our enemies. When you feel blocked, take it as a signal that something in your life is amiss, and you’re ripe for a breakthrough. Remember, it sucks while you’re in it, but there are always amazing things on the other side.


Creative block is there to teach us

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What might your creative blocks be teaching you? What’s one thing you can do today to integrate those lessons into your life?


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