When You Just Don’t Feel Like Creating

Posted by on March 1, 2016

McKella Sawyer

It’s easy to look at other artists, especially prolific ones, and get the impression that they are always creating, every single day and that they never have days where they just don’t feel like making anything. We only see the Instagram photos, the blog posts, the things on the outside.

Since I was a kid, I’ve struggled with Seasonal Affective Disorder, which puts a serious crimp in my creative routine. Is this a block?

The fact is, during that time I just have less energy to expend on everything, creative pursuits included. And it’s okay.

We all need to rest sometimes, and rest is a huge part of the creative process. Rest allows us to gather inspiration, open up to new ideas, and create the space for creative evolution to take place. I call these periods a creative inhale.

Are you blocked, or do you just need rest?

70-80% of the time (and that is a really, REALLY loose number), you should feel generally motivated and energetic. But sometimes, we just need downtime and if we let ourselves have it, we’ll be back on the creativity train even sooner.

But if we push ourselves to create (or do anything) when we really need to rest, we risk burning ourselves out, so it takes even longer for our creations to get made, and we might even end up resenting our creating because it becomes something we have to do rather than something that we want to do that fulfills us and makes us happy.

There are days and even seasons when you just need to rest and when it’s okay if you don’t feel like creating.

If this goes on for too long or if you want to create but feel fearful, frustrated, or depressed when you try, you’re probably blocked. If you are constantly short on time and avoid making the time for creativity, you’re probably blocked.

Make the time to rest, and later you’ll have the time and juice to create wonderful things.


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