When we’re out of balance…

Posted by on February 25, 2014

I’ve read a metric ton of books in the last few months, and somewhere I came across this truth that has imprinted itself onto my brain like a butt print in wet cement:

When we’re out of balance, we tend to crave things that make us even more out of balance.

I simultaneously thought “Well duh” and “Holy carp, I’ve never noticed that before!”

It really is one of those things that we know is true, but we hardly notice. I think that’s because when we’re out of balance, often the last thing we feel like doing is noticing what we’re doing. This is when we want to check out and stay in our oblivious little bubble.

Think about it.

How often do we listen to sad music when we’re sad or angry music when we’re pissed? It doesn’t make us feel better, but that’s what we do.

How often do we crave foods that don’t nourish us when that’s all we’ve eaten lately? Or watch movies and sit on the couch when we our bodies feel heavy and lethargic? We might know intellectually that a short walk would perk us up without wearing us out, but the pull of our personal butt groove on the couch is too strong.

Some creative playtime might get us out of our mental funk, but we avoid the studio like there’s some deadly virus in there.

When we’re depressed we might sleep or eat too much. If we’re wired and overstimulated, we might watch intense movies or listen to loud music.

It doesn’t help, but we do it. I haven’t quite figured out why yet, but I HAVE  noticed that this goes both ways. When we’re in balance, we tend to crave things that keep us in balance.

If we’ve been eating nourishing foods (because we like it and want to, not because we’re dieting), we continue wanting those foods. When we’re in an exercise groove, we want to stay there.

When you’re in the habit of creating every day, you’ll want to keep it up. When your house is clean, you usually try to keep it that way.

Until something knocks you off balance again. A mess you can’t bring yourself to clean up, too many skipped yoga classes or creating sessions. A vacation full of delicious treats and overeating.

It only takes one decision to tip the scale and bring you back into balance.

You can make that choice at any time.

What do you choose today?

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    Karina Ladet
    March 2, 2014

    Love this post and your website is beautiful! What a great reminder not to stay in that funky space and just get out and go for a walk instead. I woke up super early to do some work and will then hang out with my kids and play outside. Big hugs, Karina

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