Try Things That Scare You

Posted by on August 8, 2014

I’ve always loved this quote but I’ve been afraid to live by it because scary things are…scary. Duh. But really, scary things are hard to do!

I wanted to share a few scary things I’ve done in the past two weeks though because if I can do scary things, you can do scary things.

Scary thing #1: Tubing

When I was a kid, I biffed it hard off a water weenie and got the wind knocked out of me. Since then, I’ve been afraid to do anything that involves being towed behind a speedboat even though I used to love it.

I’ve gotten a bit better about this over the past few years, but it still scares me. I spent a week at Lake Powell with my family (by family, I mean about 40 people) and I actually rode a tube! And not just a kiddie ride either!

Tubing pictures crack me up! Look at my cousin’s hair! (She’s on the right) And look at my face and my scared little braid! (I’m in the middle) That completely calm ginger on the left? That’s my sister. And she ain’t scared of nothin’.

And yes, I did wipe out.

And I almost took my cousin with me! I was in the safe seat and I was the only one who went off. Still, I was brave enough to do it and I even rode for awhile after I flew off. Get back up on the horse, right?

Scary thing #2: I dyed my freaking hair!

Not scary at all, you say?

No no no, buh-leeeeeeeve me, this was at the top of the list of “Things I Swear I’ll Never Do”. Right up there with bungee jumping and eating natto again. My hair has been long, straight, blunt, and medium brown for most of my life because it grows so slowly that I’m terrified of wrecking it. If I wreck my hair, it’ll take me twenty years to get it back. I’m not joking.

But here’s how it happened: I was out for a walk and grumping that my Lake Powell tan was peeling off. It’s really pathetic actually. I’m the tannest I’ve ever been and I could still camoflauge myself in a snowbank. So I thought to myself “Well, if my skin hates the sun so much, maybe I should embrace the pasty whiteness and be Snow White instead.” At that moment I decided to dye my hair dark.

Less than 24 hours later, I was sitting in my best friend’s kitchen with a towel around my shoulders and dark goo in my hair. When we washed it out…

…it was blue. Freaking. Blue.

Instead of panicking like I thought I would if anything happened to my hair, I actually thought it was hilarious. Another 24 hours later, I was in the hair emergency room getting it fixed. And now I love it!

Note: Apparently dark ash blue box dye on virgin hair=dark ash blue. Take note.

Before, with blue hair:

After, Snow White hair:

 My seven-year-old cousin was blown away when I showed her that I look like Snow White now. She knows what’s up.

Scary Thing #3: Flying Trapeze

Yes. Yes I did.

The trapeze people were doing $5 swings at the Salt Lake farmer’s market, so I did it.

I, McKella, who cannot climb ladders or tall step stools without having a meltdown and possesses no upper-body strength whatsoever actually swung on a real-life trapeze. I was had a cable on, but that makes jumping of a thirty-foot platform only slightly easier. It took me a few tries.

Apparently I stick my butt way out when I climb ladders. Like a scared little inchworm.

After about four tries, I finally jumped.

And yes, I screamed when I jumped. And again when I let go to fall into the net. But I loved it so much! I’m going back for lessons!

I can do scary things. You can do scary things. 

I’m so glad I did all of these things. Doing what scares us brings magic into our lives. We can never know what we’re capable of and what this amazing life has to offer until we try some awesome stuff, even if it makes us want to pee our pants a little.

What fascinates you and also scares you? What sounds terrifying and exhilarating? What have you always wanted to do, but never got up the guts to do it?

Think of 3 things.

Then think of what you have to do to do those things. Do you need to call someone? Take a class? Book an appointment?

Then do it. Do whatever you need to do to make it doable for you. I asked for a “medium” ride on the tube. I used a semi-permanent hair dye. I wouldn’t have tried the trapeze if I hadn’t been on a wire.

What do you want to do? 

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Be daring!

Love, McKella

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