Trust and Grow

Posted by on July 17, 2013

Only when we trust can we actually grow.

Years ago, depressed and anxious to the point of illness, I realized this truth. I realized that everything in this life happens just as it should. Everything comes to us at the perfect time in the perfect way to facilitate our own personal growth, but we can’t grow if we don’t trust the process. We may not always get what we want, but we always get what we need, spiritually speaking. Struggles are lessons and blessings. Roadblocks are actually roadsigns if we look carefully.
I made “Grow” first, but after a few months I realized that it was missing something else, the median between where we are and our growth. Afterward, I realized that I spelled TRUST horizontally, the way we read, and the way we walk. Trust can be a journey, or the bridge to growth.

10x8x.5 Mixed Media on Canvas
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In “Growth”, I spelled growth vertically, the way trees and flowers grow.

10x8x.5 Mixed Media on Canvas $55
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Purchase 8×10 prints here.

Totally unconscious, but still significant.

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To your own growth!

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