McKella Sawyer

How Decluttering Makes You More Creative

Sep/27 By

Whenever I feel a surge of inspiration and creative energy coming on, my first impulse is to throw stuff away. Maybe not in the trash, but I feel like giving stuff

McKella Sawyer

The First Time Is The Hardest

Sep/8 By

The first time you do anything is usually the hardest. I reminded myself of this over and over again as I wrote and edited my first novel. I didn’t have the

McKella Sawyer

What’s Really Important To You?

Sep/1 By

  Far too many of us spend too much time and money on things that don’t matter, that we don’t enjoy, that aren’t important to us, and that bring us very

McKella Sawyer - Just Show UP

It’s Okay If It Sucks. Just Show Up!

Aug/24 By

This is my new motto. I just started a new writing project, and this draft is really, REALLY rough. It’s not flowing, it doesn’t make sense, and it’s difficult, but

McKella Sawyer

How to Conquer Perfectionism

Jun/29 By

What’s the #1 creative block I hear about the most? Perfectionism. This is the dragon that kills more creative dreams than anything else. It sounds like this: “It doesn’t look