New Painting: Spine

Posted by on February 16, 2016

I’m really having fun with this new anatomical series!

Spine - McKella Sawyer Art

“Spine” 18x24x.5 Acrylic on Canvas
$18 (8×10 prints)

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This new painting, “Spine”, is the latest piece my exploration of the similarities between patterns that occur in the human body and in nature.

Put simply, I love the way that the shapes of tree branches echo the shapes of veins, brain synapses, bronchi in the lungs, nerves, hair, etc. Humans often spend so much time conquering and avoiding nature that we forget that we are a part of nature, just like trees and plants.


Breathing - McKella Sawyer Art

“Breathing” 18x24x.5 Mixed Media on Canvas $280 (Original) $18 (8×10 Prints)


Synapse - McKella Sawyer Art

“Synapse” 16x20x.5 Acrylic on Canvas
$18 (8×10 Print)
$250 (Original)

In this series, I’ve been bringing nature into the body, both to remind myself that I am part of nature, and as a metaphor for personal growth. Trees have always been a symbol of growth and thought for me, so I’m expanding on that metaphor.

Process pics:

McKella Sawyer Art

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