New Work! “Roots” Mixed Media Paintings

Posted by on October 21, 2013

My website has been throwing tantrums for awhile, so I haven’t been able to upload any new work, but I think I’ve got everything fixed now.

I promise, I have been making stuff.

These two pieces have been in the works for quite awhile. I started them both last summer, but I didn’t actually finish them until recently. I don’t know why, I guess they just needed to marinade for awhile.

Anyway, meet my “Roots” paintings:

40x16x1.5 Mixed Media on Canvas
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Roots and Sunflowers
30x24x1.5 Mixed Media on Canvas
Purchase Here

I’ve been thinking about root systems a lot for the past year.

We typically can’t see a tree’s roots, yet it’s this complex system hidden under the ground, and without it the tree would fall. Certain trees have deep, strong roots while other tree that look big and powerful above ground actually have shallow roots. The roots take in nourishments, provide support, and they usually form from the before the first shoot actually breaks the ground.

I think humans need “roots” as well.

We need something deep down that no one can see to support us. We need to root down in our own self-worth, our values, and our direction in order to be strong in this world. Love needs deep roots of respect, trust, and concern in order to flourish. 

If I had one wish for my art, it would be that it inspires people and nourishes their spirits when they look at it. I hope these pieces remind you to care for your own root system and if you feel that your roots aren’t strong, to spend some time developing them. 

I hope these pieces remind you of climbing trees and imagining when you were a child, and of sunflowers and the golden light of late summer sunsets. 


Both of these pieces are mixed media on canvas, and the roots are actually three dimensional, sculpted from special clay right onto the canvas. The ground surrounding the canvas is textured with actual soil, which I think adds to the earthiness of the pieces. 

I won’t be offering prints of these because I don’t think it would do the 3D roots justice, so this is it. 

  • Both pieces are ready to hang! The sides are painted black, so there is no need to frame. 
  • Each painting is signed on the front.
  • Comes wrapped in lots of bubble wrap for you to pop later. (Isn’t that the best part of getting a package?)
  • The surfaces of this pieces are varnished to protect the colors and textures. 

To purchase, visit my Etsy shop


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    Suzie Cheel
    October 22, 2013

    Love your paintings, they speak of growth and new life, magical thank you yes your art does nourish my spirit. Thank you

  2. Leave a Reply

    October 25, 2013

    Love these paintings McKella! I love the girl in the tree, and the roots give it so much depth (no pun intended!) xx

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