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Posted by on May 23, 2013

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted new work. I tend to start and finish things in batches though, so I have a few new things at the moment. I promise I’ll start spreading things out better so we won’t go long stretches without any new art :)

14.75″x30″x.5″ Acrylic on Canvas, $200
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I’ve actually been working on this since last summer, and I’ve had the canvas even longer than that. You see, I actually found this canvas behind my apartment near the trash. Someone had already textured painted on it a little and then tried to cover it back up with white, but then they just threw it away. I couldn’t tell what they painted, but it made me sad that someone would not only throw away their art, but cover it up first, as if they were embarrassed by it. After I deemed it clean, I adopted this poor little lost canvas and it sat in my studio until I textured it some more and then painted over it, and then finally added the trees, birds, and figures.

I like this painting and the fact that it’s a “found” canvas because it reminds me of the potential and possibility that we may not always see in ourselves. I have no idea what the previous owner painted, but he or she obviously didn’t like it. It wasn’t valuable enough to them.  I don’t value my own work sometimes. I don’t post everything I make. My studio is full of half finished work that I don’t like and things I plan to paint over, but I still think it’s important to see the value in those attempts.

This piece has lots of gorgeous texture from layers of gesso and modeling paste spread on with a palette knife and pressed with light wire mesh in some areas. I also mixed some of the paint with iridescent medium to give it a little shine. I really love this piece and I had a great time making it.

Just know that everything in this world and everything you create has purpose and value. Everything.

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