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Posted by on December 1, 2014

We don’t have snow yet (ok, we’ve seen a few flurries), but I am already in a Christmasey mood! I was itching to put up the tree and decorate my new place, but I valiantly held off until the day after Thanksgiving, and then when I got home from my family’s house on Friday morning, I immediately hauled out the decor and the tree and had everything set up before I’d even sat down.

Bring on the jingle bells, I’m ready!

So this year I decided to try to make some Christmasy art! I haven’t made much winter art at all, actually. There’s Winter’s Light, and a couple experiments with inky blizzard paintings, but for the most part my art tends toward spring and fall. In the winter, I’m usually so sluggish that I’m lucky if I can get off the couch to heat up canned soup for dinner, let alone climb two flights of stairs to my studio.

But I’m on the ball this year, and I’m pretty proud of these paintings. I’m still on my fox kick from autumn and included a snow fox in one of these paintings, and a white stag in the other. I included lots of texture, splatter painted snow, and Christmas lights on the trees! Lights are one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season, and I use lots of white lights and silver in my own Christmas decor. These pieces look great in my living room hanging by my tree until they find their new homes!

These paintings are perfect for Christmas, Winter Solstice, or just any winter day! Both pieces are available in 8×10 prints and the 8x10x.5 originals are available as well!

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Have a lovely week!


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