New Painting: “Synapse”. Also, Where I’ve Been.

Posted by on July 16, 2015

Guys. This might be one of my favorite paintings EVER.

I feel like my art is going through a growth spurt right now. I haven’t been painting as much as I’d like (for reasons I’ll discuss below), but what I HAVE been making feels so challenging, on-point, and just right for me right now.

I only paint about once a week right now, but each session is simply magical. My work is growing and changing and scraping the very back of my mind where lots of interesting little ideas and images have hidden for a long time. It feels perfect.

And that’s a lot of what this piece is about!

McKella Sawyer "Synapse"

“Synapse” by McKella Sawyer. 16x20x.5 Acrylic on Canvas
8×10 Prints: $16 Available HERE
Original: $250 Available HERE


This is a theme I’ve been playing around with lately, a continuation of my last piece, “Breathing” (maybe my second favorite piece) that as humans, we often see ourselves as being separate from nature, but we often forget that we ARE nature, as much as rocks and trees and animals. I love noticing the similarities between veins, branches, roots, nerves, brain synapses, etc.


McKella Sawyer-"Synapse"

Our bodies echo the shapes of nature.


McKella Sawyer-"Synapse"


This piece is also about creativity. Deep in the brain, a figure stands with a small idea that shines light over the rest of the mind. Creativity moves through us like blood and the electricity of our nervous system.


McKella Sawyer-"Synapse"


This piece is available as both the original painting and in 8×10 prints! Click the links below to view prints and the original in my Etsy Shop.

Click here to view 8×10 prints

Click here to view original 


McKella Sawyer Art

Now, where have I been lately?

I haven’t been posting lately, and if you’re still around to read this, you’ve earned a gold star.

I’ve actually taken some time off from art and blogging because…I’m working on my novel!

Seriously, I’ve been working on this thing for about 6 years now, putting it off and letting it fester in the recesses of my hard drive, but I am determined to finally finish it and get it out into the world!

So this means that all my creative time has been dedicating to writing and editing. Writing a book is a big freaking job. It’s scary, vulnerable, and extremely draining sometimes, but this story needs to be released. Not having published a novel is something that would haunt me on my deathbed. Writing is every bit as important to me as art. I’ve been writing since I could hold a pen, since I could write stories in school notebooks or create little illustrated books on stapled printer paper in my bedroom when I was 6.

This is something I need to do, and I’m giving myself the space to do it.

Which means less blogging and art, but I’m ok with that. I can’t stop painting completely, but things might be slow around here for awhile. Not to worry.

Whether my novel is published by an actual publishing house or whether I decide to go the self-publishing route, I will let you know, and we’ll throw ourselves an awesome book release party with cake and piñatas shaped like unicorns and probably a giveaway.

But that’s then. For now, I’m going to crawl back into my writer’s cave and write. I’ll let the words flow like water, and gently coax them out when my inspiration slows to a trick. But I promise, I will finish.


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