It’s Okay If It Sucks. Just Show Up!

Posted by on August 24, 2016

McKella Sawyer - Just Show UP

This is my new motto.

I just started a new writing project, and this draft is really, REALLY rough. It’s not flowing, it doesn’t make sense, and it’s difficult, but I feel like it’s the right story for me to tell right now.

My drawing skills are pretty rusty, so I’m practicing more. Better drawing skills=better paintings. It’s not always easy and it’s not always pretty, but it’s always practice.

I’ve been working out hard lately. Sometimes, those tough workouts make me feel on top of the world, and sometimes they make me feel like a squashed bug on a windshield. Sometimes I can’t do as much.

I tell myself that it’s okay if I completely screw it up. All that matters is that I do it.

Crappy writing can be edited.

All artmaking is practice and study.

Any movement is better than no movement, even if I have to pause my workout DVD 5 times in a half hour.

At least half of life, success, and chasing our dreams is just showing up. That’s really the hardest part.

Think about it: The hardest part is getting started. Getting out the supplies, making the first mark on paper, the first lines after “Chapter One.”

A rough draft is still a draft, and it’s a million times better than no draft. It’s hard to edit and polish nothing.

A hundred not-so-great paintings add up to far better skills than you had in the beginning.

If you’re in the hard part of a creative project whether that’s getting started or in the middle, or finishing, just show up. Just do something. Little by little, you get there and realize that you actually are awesome, and you just did something amazing.

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