Hooping Adventures and a New Painting!

Posted by on September 4, 2014

Hooping is one of my new favorite things. I’m the neighborhood weirdo that is friends with everyone’s cats and dogs and hauls my hoops to the park down the street to practice in front of God and everyone. I’m okay with being that weirdo.

I’m also the weirdo who brings a collapsible travel hoop on family vacations to Lake Powell.

But of course the first thing I did when we tied anchored the houseboat was scope out some nice shallows and a rock where I could get some good hooping done.

Note: If you don’t know what hooping is, get yourself on Youtube and check it out! It’s basically dancing and tricks with (a) hula hoop(s). Take a look at some of my most favoritest hooping videos here, here, and here!

My hula hoop has become such a happy place. Expressing through my body doesn’t come naturally to me, I’m super uncoordinated, and though I hit myself in the head a lot (accidental face hooping is my FAVORITE [not]), hooping helps me with all of that. I spend 99% of my time in my head and it can get really crazy in there. Hooping helps me get out of my head and into my body. I can’t think too hard when I’m swinging that thing around and flowing in and out of different tricks, or I end up whacking myself in the head.  It stretches me out and gets my heart rate up. I really don’t get enough exercise, mostly because I find traditional workouts boring as hell.

I also make some ridiculous faces when I do isolations.

That one still takes some intense concentration.

Naturally, I’ve wanted to make hoop art!

Autumn Hooper-16x20x.5 Acrylic on Canvas

I actually started this painting a year ago, but I couldn’t decide on a figure. I unearthed this baby during my recent move and I knew exactly what to do with it. Combine hooping and autumn! Two of my favorite things!

I love the way the double hoops echo the suns arching across the sky. I also love working with two hoops even though that’s double the head whacking, but it opens up so much possibility!

The painting above is available in my shop along with 8×10 prints!

View 8×10 prints here!

And as always, there’s lots of other stuff there too!

Click here to visit Ye Olde Arte Shoppe!

Fall is usually my most creative time of year, so keep an eye out for lots of new stuff over the next couple months! I have tons of plans, lots of doodles and thumbnail sketches, so many colors and ideas floating around in my head. It’s gonna be good.

More hula hoop art. More autumn art. Lots of surprises :)

With love,


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