The 7 Habits of Highly Creative People

Posted by on May 25, 2016

McKella Sawyer

I’ve known a lot of highly creative people in my life. I AM one after all, and we all have the potential to become one!

Here’s what I’ve noticed about highly creative people and what separates them from someone who only dreams of being creative:

#1 We don’t find time, we make time.

One of the biggest reasons people aren’t creating is because they don’t have the time. I hear this a lot, and it’s definitely an issue. We’re all busy. But what about those people who always seem to be working on something creative? Why do they have time?

They make time.

Nobody has time just laying around anymore. We have family and community commitments, jobs, regular adulting stuff like grocery shopping and getting oil changes, and who knows how many other things going on.

But look at it this way: we make time for all that stuff.

If our fridge is empty, we make time to go buy food. We make time to go to work every day. So why not make time for creativity and working on something that inspires you? Block out time for that like you would for a dentist appointment or anything else you’ve committed to.

#2 We don’t get caught in perfectionism for long.

I say “for long” because almost all creative people feel at least a twinge of “this isn’t good enough.” We worry what people think. We get frustrated that it doesn’t look exactly how we imagined, but we move on. We keep tweaking, keep playing with it until it’s something we’re satisfied with. We give it a shot even though it might not work. We aren’t afraid of goofing up because we know that’s how we become masters.

#3 We have a space dedicated to creating.

We all have dedicated spaces in our homes for sleeping, bathing, eating, resting, and for all kinds of things, and people dedicated to their creativity have spaces for creating as well. It might just be a corner of a room. It might be a seat at the table with their laptop. I once knew an artist who didn’t have room for a full-blown studio, so she created a little rollaway studio she kept in a closet. When she wanted to paint, she’d just wheel it out. Whatever space we have, we make it work because it’s important to us.

#4 We aren’t afraid to try new things.

Every master starts as a beginner. It sounds tedious to start at the bottom, to be bad at something and slowly, inch by inch get better at it. Creative people don’t do this just because they know they have to practice to get good, they try new things simply because they look fun! We get excited about new things and we stay excited even when we mess it up at first. We experiment and see what happens.

#5 We record our ideas.

Most creative people carry around some kind of device for recording ideas. Some never leave home without a sketchbook or notebook. Some record ideas in their phones, either in a notes app or as a voice recording. Prolific people know that ideas are precious and they don’t stick around for long, so they grab them while they’re around to save for later.

#6 We never stop looking for inspiration.

Creative people are always on the lookout for ideas, because we know they come from everywhere. Creative people hang around places they find inspiring, spend time looking through books or films or talking to people that interest them. They trust their curiosity because they know it will lead to treasure troves of ideas they can later turn into creations of their own.

#7 We share what we make with others.

Creative people create for themselves, for their own satisfaction, but they understand the joy of sharing with others too. They give their creations as gifts, display them in their homes, and look for ways to share that feel good to them. You might not see every creative person in the spotlight because a lot of them just aren’t comfortable with that, but they have an urge to share their gifts with the world.

Seriously, do these things if you want to be a prolific creator! 

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