Posted by on May 19, 2016

McKella Sawyer

A week or two ago, I had an epic case of the Mondays.

I had a bunch of things I wanted to get done that day and I was stressing out about starting the week off on the wrong foot and blowing the entire thing. (Welcome to my anxious brain, folks!)

I kept thinking “I just had a relaxing weekend! I just worked out and I feel great! Am I burned out AGAIN?! Do I STILL need rest? Why can’t I do ANYTHING?!”

I bounced around in that muck for awhile before the sane part of me told my brain to knock that shit off. Then I had an interesting thought: “What if I just do a little? Just one thing on my list? Maybe getting SOMETHING done will help me feel motivated.”

So I picked the biggest frog on my to-do list and did it. Just knocked it out as fast as I could.

And I felt amazing! That was something I’d been meaning to get done for WEEKS.

I realized that I probably mistook my need for motivation for a need for rest. Those two actually feel very similar. In both instances, you feel unmotivated, kind of tired, discouraged, and like you’d rather spend the day on the couch eating cookies even though you know that won’t make you feel good in the end.

That’s where I was, but I WANTED to be motivated. I WANTED to do something.

But how do you tell the difference?

Here’s how to tell if you need REST or MOMENTUM:

Try it.

Do a little something to get closer to your goal. Spend a little time drawing or writing or whatever it is you wish you had motivation for, and see how you feel.

If you STILL want to go back to bed, you might need rest.

If you feel charged up and proud of yourself, ride that momentum and keep going!

If your thoughts sound less like “I’m so tired” and more like “I don’t want to”, you probably need momentum.

Think how you’ll feel.

Be honest: Will rest honestly make you feel better today? Will it charge you up or leave you more tired than you started?

Then do that!

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