How Decluttering Makes You More Creative

Posted by on September 27, 2016

McKella Sawyer

Whenever I feel a surge of inspiration and creative energy coming on, my first impulse is to throw stuff away.

Maybe not in the trash, but I feel like giving stuff away to charity. Giving to people I know. Recycling. Either way, I want to get rid of things.

My closet, my drawers, my studio, my desk, even my bookshelves. I instinctively want to clear space, both physically and mentally for something new.

I get rid of things that don’t feel like me anymore; things that don’t fit, don’t bring joy, that no longer serve a purpose or speak to me. I can’t allow new inspiration to flow when nagging reminders of my past and old mindsets linger in my peripheral vision. I can’t let my energy get bogged down by pieces of the old me who wouldn’t have allowed herself to explore these new landscapes.

Pieces of our past and old priorities aren’t always heavy. Sometimes those things feel loving, comforting, serve as totems of old wisdom and lessons learned. Some things don’t feel like clutter, but treasured souvenirs of journeys we don’t want to forget. I think we know the difference. We know when something weighs us down and when something simply grounds us.

Get rid of what weighs you down, what crowds and drowns out the voice of your inspiration. Let it go.

I’m doing that right now. I’m in an interesting transition in my life and I’m feeling the call for a transition in my art as well.

I’m cleaning out closets, drawers, and most importantly, my studio. I have a LOT of art floating around that is ready to live somewhere else. Don’t get me wrong, I love my art and its evolution, but I need to let it go. I need space. One of the problems with being an artist or crafter of any kind is the inevitable buildup of supplies and projects, both finished and unfinished. Decluttering can be daunting!

To help clear space for the next phase of my art, I’m having a giant studio sale. A lot of my original paintings are on sale for around 50% off with free shipping in the US. 

McKella Sawyer

If you’re looking for inspiring art for your space or if you’d had an eye on one of my paintings for awhile, don’t miss this sale! You can view those items here or click the image above!

The sale runs until October 31st and after that, these items will no longer be listed in my shop. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the items that don’t find new homes, but they will no longer be available on Etsy.

Grab them now!

If you’re feeling the stirrings of creativity in your soul but you can’t seem to actually put pen to paper or brush to canvas, I urge you to clear some space. Clean out a closet. Declutter your workspace. Get rid of whatever weighs you down and crowds your space. You’ll be amazed how much you’ll open up!

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