The Creativity Myth: Why YOU Are Wildly Creative

Posted by on November 24, 2015

Why You are Wildly Creative - McKella Sawyer


A lot of people tell me that they just aren’t creative, or they weren’t born with that talent, or that they wish they were creative, but they just aren’t. This belief is actually a block in itself.

The Creativity Myth: the idea that wild creativity is a rare gift, that only a special few possess.

Way too many people believe this myth and it keeps so many people stuck, particularly the people that tell me that they aren’t creative.

If you’ve bought into this myth, maybe you’ve always admired other people’s art or writing or other creations, but you’ve never felt like you have what it takes to create things just as wonderful. If you were to describe yourself to someone else, maybe “creative” is a word that wouldn’t even occur to you.

Open yourself up to the idea that you are creative, and you are capable of creating amazing things. Every bit as capable as the artists and writers that you admire.

The first step to claiming your creative capabilities is to allow yourself to believe that you have that creativity. If you believe it, you’ll be able to take the steps necessary to create the work you want to create.

Here’s how I’ve come to realize that every person on this earth is creative by nature.

Now a disclaimer here: I’m not a scientist, and I might totally slaughter this next part. But this is what I’ve noticed through my own rudimentary study of human history and human nature.

Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas, especially in artistic works. I’d also define creativity as problem-solving ability and the ability to express our thoughts and emotions.

Human beings are hardwired to be creative because that creativity and ability to solve problems has allowed us to grow to the powerful species we are now.

Creativity and imagination allowed our early ancestors to solve problems necessary to survival. They figured out how to make tools to hunt and gather food, to prepare food, to build shelter, to stay warm. Humans created language to communicate

Early humans imagined a future in which they could settle in one place instead of traveling around after animal herds, and they started domesticating plants and animals to make that happen.

They learned how to make permanent shelters instead of portable ones, and they created currency and writing to keep records.

That’s all very functional creativity, but humans even made art from the very beginning. Early humans drew pictures on cave walls to record events, or to communicate, or maybe just because they wanted to draw on stuff for fun. Maybe it was just prehistoric graffiti, but it required creativity either way.


Also, throughout history humans have created practical objects that they used for functional purposes, but often those objects were also beautiful. Think of pottery and baskets, clothing, jewelry, and blankets.

They didn’t have to make those things pretty, but they did. Humans, people, have an innate need for beauty and expression.


They also recognize the value of stories, and they came up with creative ways to pass down values, and knowledge through stories, songs, dance and art even before writing came into the picture.

Human beings are also social creatures that crave connection with others. We crave to be understood, and to understand ourselves. It’s part of our highly developed consciousness. We’re very aware of ourselves and as creatures who evolved by learning, we naturally want to learn about ourselves and others.


We love art, music, reading, things like that because they allow us to connect with and understand other people, and our favorite creations are things that resonate with us on an emotional level. We love to see our own thoughts and emotions expressed in the creations of others. We relate to other people this way.

Creativity allows us to do this on a very deep level. We understand ourselves and each other through our expressions.

So, the point of all this is that you are creative just by being human. So if you’re a human, you have the power of years and years of evolution behind you that has endowed you with amazing, fine-tuned creativity.

Give yourself the gift of believing in yourself, and believing that you have that creative power and that you can express yourself in ways you’ve always dreamed of.

I you have a desire or even the smallest wish to be an artist, writer, actress, musician, then you have that ability inside you, and this work of connecting to your creative potential is for you.

One my mentors always says that if you desire it, it’s meant for you, and I really do believe that. Your ability to appreciate the creations of others is a sign of your own creativity awakening. That feeling, this appreciation and the fact that you’re moved by that work gives you clues to what inspires you and what kinds of things you might want to express, and how you want to express them.

Listen to this feeling, and it will guide you to the steps you need to take toward unlocking your own expression.

But for now, just allow yourself to believe that you are endlessly creative. Even for this hour we have together, believe it and allow yourself to really feel it. Say if out loud, write it down, whatever you need to do to drive the point home. I am creative. I am an artist. I am a writer, or whatever it is you want to be.


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