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Posted by on August 25, 2015

Galaxies Inside 2-McKella Sawyer

“Galaxies Inside 2” by McKella Sawyer
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The heavens opened and dropped a brick of realization right on my head.


It was a normal Monday and I was in the kitchen throwing together taco ingredients for my lunch. And I mean throwing. I darted back and forth between the counter and fridge like a bomb was about to go off. I did everything on high speed and my mind and body felt like I was in an action movie. It was like “Lunch” as directed by Michael Bay. I moved like I was in The Fast and the Furious, not simply making my lunch.


I took a moment to breath deeply. Soften my shoulders. Relax my face. Tell myself that nothing was going to explode and all the thoughts racing through my head weren’t emergencies, just normal everyday stuff that definitely didn’t warrant the energy I was burning on them.


Finally, I slowed down and put my lunch together like a civilized human being, and when I sat down to eat I noticed that I ate much slower than usual and my food tasted better. My mind didn’t run all over hell’s half acre while I tried to eat.


Then I realized that sometimes, I live my whole LIFE like that, running from task to task with my brain moving even faster. I hadn’t made much time for art or writing and I couldn’t figure out why.


But of course. How could I have the time and headspace for creating when I could barely take time to stop and eat lunch? How could ideas come when my thoughts wouldn’t slow down enough to appreciate how pretty the green lettuce and red tomatoes look together, or to actually taste what I’m eating?


If you’re stuck in a rut, notice your breath. Notice your heartbeat. Notice your thoughts, and notice how fast they’re going. If your vitals are speeding along way faster than they should be, the Chillout Police need to pull those suckers over.


Take a breath.


Close your eyes and feel your feet on the floor, the temperature, your tongue in your mouth, the way your stomach feels. Come back to earth.


The lesson here? Calm the Hell Down. There are no fires to put out, and life won’t be any better for you stressing out about it. Yes, I need a big dose of my own medicine and it takes a whole lot of practice, but we can’t be creative or productive if our minds are stuck in the hamster wheel.


When we relax, our minds and spirits open up and allow amazing things to come through.


What happens when you allow yourself to just be?


Try it out!


Lots of love,




When we relax-McKella Sawyer


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