McKella Sawyer

The First Time Is The Hardest

Sep/8 By

The first time you do anything is usually the hardest. I reminded myself of this over and over again as I wrote and edited my first novel. I didn’t have the

McKella Sawyer - Just Show UP

It’s Okay If It Sucks. Just Show Up!

Aug/24 By

This is my new motto. I just started a new writing project, and this draft is really, REALLY rough. It’s not flowing, it doesn’t make sense, and it’s difficult, but

McKella Sawyer

How to Conquer Perfectionism

Jun/29 By

What’s the #1 creative block I hear about the most? Perfectionism. This is the dragon that kills more creative dreams than anything else. It sounds like this: “It doesn’t look

McKella Sawyer

When People Don’t Like What You Make

Jun/8 By

Fear of judgement is a huge creative block, and one I actually see a lot. So many of us hold our creations and ideas inside of us because we’re afraid

McKella Sawyer

Beginner’s Mind: It’s Okay to Suck

Mar/22 By

It’s easy to look around at professional artists, writers, and performers and get intimidated. We might even get inspired by them and start a project, only to get really frustrated