How To Make Creating Easy

Jan/12 By

I loooooove making New Year’s goals. I’ve got an entire workbook full of hopes and plans and intentions for 2016. In fact, you can read about some of those here! (By the

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Why Play is NOT a Waste of Time

Jun/16 By

When we hear the word “play” , we usually think of two things: Something kids do and “waste of time”. Sometimes we don’t allow ourselves to play because it doesn’t

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Creative Flow

May/30 By

I don’t stick with one thing for too long. I’m usually super enthusiastic about something for a few months, then eventually I back off and do something else for awhile

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The Secret to Wild Creativity

Apr/15 By

You know how sometimes the universe just seems to align to bring you one powerful message? I’m the kind of person who can noodle an idea around for years before

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How to Create an Essence Board

Apr/8 By

Last July I felt run-down, exhausted, and like I was losing myself. I was so tired all the time that I never felt like painting or writing. I hadn’t taken