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New Painting: Spine

Feb/16 By

I’m really having fun with this new anatomical series! Purchase 8×10 Prints Here This new painting, “Spine”, is the latest piece my exploration of the similarities between patterns that occur


2015 in Review, and What 2016 Holds

Jan/6 By

2015 was incredible. I can’t believe how much growth I experienced in one short year. I tried so many new things. My art took a completely new direction. I faced

Synapse - McKella Sawyer Art

New Painting: “Synapse”. Also, Where I’ve Been.

Jul/16 By

Guys. This might be one of my favorite paintings EVER. I feel like my art is going through a growth spurt right now. I haven’t been painting as much as

New Painting: “Breathing”

New Painting: “Breathing”

Apr/21 By

  I took the winter off from painting without really meaning to. I just didn’t feel like painting the same thing I’d been doing for awhile, but I wasn’t sure

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How Art Heals Us

Apr/14 By

Walking into an art gallery for me is like walking into a church. The chatter in my mind slows and eventually silences. I feel the broken parts of my spirit