McKella Sawyer

Creative Flow

May/30 By

I don’t stick with one thing for too long. I’m usually super enthusiastic about something for a few months, then eventually I back off and do something else for awhile

McKella Sawyer

A New Adventure: Art Journaling!

Apr/1 By

Art journaling is all over the place right now. I have a giant Pinterest board full of ideas for journal pages and since I’m a journal nut anyway, the idea

McKella Sawyer Art

My First Wall Painting Commission!

Oct/16 By

If you follow me on Facebook (if you don’t, go say hi!), you probably saw these pictures in August. My site had some hosting issues for awhile and I wasn’t

McKella Sawyer

Little Adventures

Jun/8 By

My husband and I are busy people. I work full time and take care of all the home stuff while doing my art so that he can go to school

McKella Sawyer

Walking for Inspiration

Apr/25 By

Whenever I need some inspiration or just some time to think, I love to take walks. I go for a walk almost every day, sometimes twice a day. I usually