Blossoms and Basics

Posted by on March 18, 2014

I’m painting up a storm! I’m kind of obsessed with blossoms this year. I’m so excited for spring. For weeks I’ve watched for signs; tiny leaf buds on the trees, the green tips of new flowers peeking from the soil, that warm spark of magic in the air. I saw real live daffodils the other day and it made my heart swell. Which I’m sure isn’t healthy, but it sure felt good. I’ve been visiting the ducks at a nearby park every day and I can’t wait until my favorite black and yellow birds return from wherever they go in the winter.

I’m enthralled by blossoms and the act of painting them is so soothing and joyful. Here are a few new pieces I’m adding to my shop:

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Blue Blossoms Mini Painting-$17
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Purple Blossoms Mini Painting-$17
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Cherry Blossoms Mini Painting-$19
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Blossoms and Fireflies 11x14x.5-$90
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8×10 Prints coming soon!

I poured so much joy into these paintings and I hope they’ll bring joy to their new owners.

While I’ve been having a great time in the studio this week, I’ve had some significant struggles too, things I never ever thought I’d have to deal with (because life has a sense of humor). I’ve been clinging to the basics, and sometimes that’s what challenges are here to remind us, to get back to basics and your top priorities.

So what are your priorities? What are the things you rely on the most?

For me, my priorities are my loved ones, writing, art, animals, and adventures. Those are the things I want in my life. I rely on gratitude, simple joys, laughter, and living moment by moment.

Sometimes, that’s the very best you can do, and it’s a good place to start when you’re in a tsunami of overwhelm and confusion. Basics, basics, basics.

Start by going back to the basics.

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    March 22, 2014

    I LOVE these little pieces of artwork! I can see them on a shelf spreading joy all day long! My priorities are my family, my biz, keeping myself centered and healthy, helping people achieve their dreams, and making my dreams come true!

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