Be Happy Now

Posted by on October 15, 2014

Every once in awhile, I like to post an entry from my own journal, because I like you guys and sometimes I write stuff that I think might be helpful to you. Enjoy!

The leaves outside my window are bright yellow. The days grow cooler, shorter. The waterparks closed and the haunted houses are open. Soon, I’ll dig out my winter coats and scarves and pack up the sarongs and flip flops until next year.

It’s the time of year where we need to remember to slow down.

I need to remember. I need to slow down, but allowing myself is ridiculously hard. I get so ambitious and run out of steam long before I’ve accomplished what I wanted to. I get frazzled and run down if I forget to take it one step at a time. I can’t do it all.

It doesn’t all need to be done.

Slow and steady. I can do it, but not all at once.

Rest. I need to actually rest. Not “rest” by writing down more things to do, not make more and more plans, but actually freaking REST. Renew. Switch off. Less multi-tasking, less jumping around, less guilt about getting it all done.

Be here now.

Life is meant for enjoying now, not later. That doesn’t mean you put things off so you can play now or spend all your money now instead of investing.

But scrambling now just to reach so elusive summit of ease and contentment is a big hairy waste, because there’s no such thing

Life is lived in moments.

Ups and downs, curves and flips and peaks and valleys. It’s a constantly moving river. Nothing lasts forever. Joy, sadness, contentment, frustration, are all temporary and pass like seasons. We enjoy the smooth spots, learn from the rough ones. Experience every bit of it.

Rest now. Play now. Work now. Feel now. Listen to your body and soul and hear what needs to happen now.

It’s ok if it doesn’t all get done. It doesn’t have to.

Try thy gut. Have faith in the process.

Be happy now, because right now is all you really have.

Have an amazing week!



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