you were born creative


You are a wildly creative person, full of incredible ideas that are dying to be expressed.

You have a rich internal world, ripe with possibility and beauty.

But, you might be stuck. Maybe you haven’t actually created anything in years, or you’ve always wanted to paint but never found the time to learn. You’re afraid of what people think, you’re never satisfied with what you make, and you’re afraid to really go for those amazing creative goals you’ve always dreamed of. You really, really want to express yourself to the world, but you just. . . can’t.

Believe me, I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to be creatively stuck.

I’ve also beat my block and comes out on the other side, and I want to show you how to do the same.

McKella Sawyer

My Story:

Creating is what I do. Honestly, I’ve never really wanted to do anything else.

I’ve loved to paint, draw, and write since I could hold a pen, and I never gave up on my childhood dream of growing up to be an artist and writer.

I’ve dabbled in theater, singing, piano, dance, scrapbooking, cross-stitching, dozens of different art mediums, poetry, fiction and nonfiction writing, and after high school I dumped my technical theater scholarships to study art. I changed my major and eventually graduated with a highly useful bachelor’s degree in creative writing with a minor in studio art, which currently lives in my filing cabinet.

Creating is my way of life.

While I’ve had a lot of creative success in my life, I’ve also experienced a lot of creative blocks.

You know, that awful state of wanting to creative but being unable to, no matter how much I tried to force the creations out of me.

I’ve struggled with depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder, disordered eating, and anxiety that blocked my creativity, and that inability to create further fed that depression and anxiety until I was caught in a giant hamster wheel of stuckness.

I’ve been afraid of judgement, caught in the perfection trap, frustrated with my skills (or lack of skills), and just too busy to create.

Over a lifetime of creative work, I’ve been stuck in almost every type of creative block there is.

But I’ve learned something from every single one, and I’ve overcome them all.


I’ve been a professional artist since 2011. I’ve taught art and creative writing to children and teens, my fiction and nonfiction writing is flowing freely, and I’m in the final editing stages of my first novel! Ideas come to me easily whenever I want them, and though I still get stuck sometimes, the blocks never last long.

I blend the spiritual and the practical into simple, doable steps to bust through your creative blocks and craft a creative lifestyle that supports your unique expression.

I want to teach you the tools I’ve learned over decades of creative work to overcoming the fears, frustrations, and lifestyle obstacles that prevent you from creating the art you were born to create, from expressing yourself like you’ve always wanted to.

Featured in horizontal - 9-25-15
A creative life is a magical life. Creativity is the secret sauce to thriving and living the amazing life you were born to live.  

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