A New Adventure: Art Journaling!


Art journaling is all over the place right now. I have a giant Pinterest board full of ideas for journal pages and since I’m a journal nut anyway, the idea of art journaling just seems to fit! I can see so many reasons to art journal.

  • I can combine my love of art and writing.
  • I can express things visually that I may not be able to put in words.
  • It doesn’t have to be “good” or Etsy-worthy. Sometimes I need to be able to just make a mess!
  • It’s a lot more portable than hauling a canvas around.
  • It’s a fun way to play with different mediums and styles that might not fit with the work I make to sell.

This is something new I wanted to try this year, and I just wanted to share a few of the pages I’ve done.

These were all done in less than 20 minutes. Art doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming!

Art is Whatever You Need it to Be
Pastel, pen, acrylic paint


Colored Pencil and Pen

I Am Shining Like the Sun
Oil pastel and acrylic paint

No, they don’t look like some of the amazing pages you’ll see in art journaling books, but I had fun making them and they express what I needed to express at the time. Therefore: success!

I’m a bit scattered today and I can’t seem to gather my thoughts, but the takeaway here is this:

It doesn’t have to be perfect. All that matters is that it brings you joy. So try something you’ve wanted to try and be willing to suck at it. You might get better at it, you might not. The important part is that you have a good time.

If there’s something you want to try, do it! Have fun! Dip your toes in or do a cannonball. Whatever feels best for you.

This week, think of something you’ve always wanted to try, figure out what needs to happen so that you can try it, and then do it! Feel free to report back in the comments. :)

Tell me, what’s something you’ve always wanted to try?

6 comments on “A New Adventure: Art Journaling!

  1. Billie on said:

    These are fabulous! I think they would make great opt-in gifts for your newsletter subscribers! ;)

  2. Wow honey. These look freaking rad. I’ve been wanting to get creative with paintbrush and pencils for a while now – you’ve just instigated those creative juices in me. Thanks for sharing babe xx

  3. They are gorgeous and have inspired me to get back to mine again – thanks for sharing x

  4. Love it! I keep thinking about art journaling, and then never get around to doing it. One thing that I keep needing to remind myself when I paint is that the end result doesn’t matter. For me it’s all about the process of painting…yet I find it hard to detach myself from having expectations around the result. This post was a good reminder! :)

  5. I always think that because I can’t draw well, I can’t make art. Thanks for the reminder that I can express myself through so many different artistic mediums. I think I’ll give art journaling a whirl.

    • Art definitely doesn’t have to be about drawing! Play with color, lines, design, anything you want that feels fun to you. Art is whatever you need it to be!

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