5 Questions to Find Your Purpose

McKella Sawyer Art

Posted by on November 4, 2014

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Do you wonder what you were put here to do? Do you feel like you are living the life you were meant to live? 

A lot of us would answer “Not yet”, or “I’m not sure”, or even just “no”.

We might not know what our purpose is, and that’s ok. 

It’s always evolving.

But every once in awhile, I like to play a little game in my journal to refocus on what it is that my soul really yearns for. That way I can look at my life in the present, evaluate, and then do what I can to align with the purpose my soul is striving for.

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I wanted to share some of the questions I ask myself when I’m plumbing the depths of my spirit to find my higher calling. Spend some time with these. Make sure you have plenty of paper and something fun to write with. Do this outside if you can, or in a place that calms you, where you feel absolutely welcome. Make a date with yourself to reflect on these.

Exploring Question #1:

If you could do anything you wanted to do today, what would you do? Distance and money are no object here.

Exploring Question #2:

If I were on my deathbed, is there anything I will regret doing or not doing?

Exploring Question #3:

If my living expenses were completely covered for the next five years and I could guarantee that I would have no money anxiety whatsoever, what would I do? If money were no object at all, how would I choose to live?

Exploring Question #4:

How would I want to be described in my obituary?

Exploring Question #5:

What would I do if I knew I could not fail?

You’ll probably see a theme running through your answers.

Notice the things that keep popping up again and again. List those things.

How can you integrate more of that into your life NOW? What can you do today, this week, this year to live the way your soul calls you to? 

My life’s purpose is to experience joy and share joy with others. I want to inspire other’s to be their best. I want to be thought of as kind, joyful, and caring. I live my purpose through my art and writing, my interactions with others, and by doing things that make me happy like creating, spending time outside, being with the people I love, and being with animals. I want to feel at home in my body and I do things to facilitate that like hula hoop and eat intuitively.

How can you live your purpose? 

This is a massive question, and it’s ok if you don’t have all the answers now. I sure don’t. I have a good idea that’s constantly evolving, and that works for me. Work from where you are right now, because where you are in this moment is perfect and exactly where you need to be. This is the perfect kickoff point for the life you were meant to live.

Have a lovely week, my friend!



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    Jill Secker
    November 5, 2014

    Lovely, thank you McKella. So much food for thought for the week ahead. You certainly bring joy and inspiration for me. Have a great week, Jill

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