McKella Sawyer

You Have Permission to Create

Mar/30 By

So many of us are waiting for permission to do our creative work, and a lot of us don’t realize that we’re waiting for permission. This is a block that

McKella Sawyer

Beginner’s Mind: It’s Okay to Suck

Mar/22 By

It’s easy to look around at professional artists, writers, and performers and get intimidated. We might even get inspired by them and start a project, only to get really frustrated

McKella Sawyer

How to Bust Out of a Creative Rut

Mar/15 By

For those of us who create a lot or who create professionally, sometimes it’s REALLY easy to get stuck in a rut of creating the same type of thing over

McKella Sawyer Art

The Two Types of Creative Block

Mar/8 By

I’ve had tons of creative blocks in my life, and I’ve talked to many, many people about their blocks as well. After awhile, I started to notice that there are

McKella Sawyer

When You Just Don’t Feel Like Creating

Mar/1 By

It’s easy to look at other artists, especially prolific ones, and get the impression that they are always creating, every single day and that they never have days where they