McKella Sawyer

How to Make Time for Creativity

Jan/26 By

I hear it all the time: I don’t have time to be creative. I’m going to get out a little tough love here: You have just as much time as

McKella Sawyer

Honoring Your Creative Cycles

Jan/19 By

Cycles of creativity is a concept I’m only beginning to explore in myself, and I’ve written about it a couple times here and here. It basically comes down to this:

Your Creative Kickstart (3)

Make Your Creative Dreams Come True in 2016

Jan/15 By

Do you want to create amazing things in 2016? I have some pretty big creative goals this year, and I’ll bet you do too! I want to help you get


How To Make Creating Easy

Jan/12 By

I loooooove making New Year’s goals. I’ve got an entire workbook full of hopes and plans and intentions for 2016. In fact, you can read about some of those here! (By the


2015 in Review, and What 2016 Holds

Jan/6 By

2015 was incredible. I can’t believe how much growth I experienced in one short year. I tried so many new things. My art took a completely new direction. I faced