Rise and Shine Giveaway!

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The internet and the easy sharing of information and creativity is the greatest miracle of our age. My very favorite thing about the interwebs is the amazing new phenomenon of women teaching women through blogs, ecourses, ebooks and coaching.

I can honestly say that without amazing women and their work on the internet, I wouldn’t be the same person. I’d still be stuck in perpetual creative block, burnout, I’d still be overweight and bingeing, and probably very unhappy. I can’t believe what a different resources like these have made in my life. I’ve taken all kinds of ecourses, read dozens of ebooks, and followed gobs of different blogs and I’ve grown a little bit with each one. Every day I’m so thankful for the internet and this wonderful world of blogging, where everyone can teach and share and learn from each other. It’s a beautiful system and I invite you to check out these offerings.

I’ve joined together with 24 other women in a new giveaway event to gift readers with all kinds of goodies to help them live radiant, creative, and joyful lives. I’m giving away my first of a series of customizable art journal pages (I’ll be creating a new one each month!).

You can also sign up to receive my free monthly journal pages in the right sidebar!

This event is a smorgasbord of incredible free ebooks, ecourses, worksheets, and audios to help you create a live you love and I’m simply blown away by the talent and generosity of these women. The Rise and Shine giveaway is a wisdom-junkie’s dream and I know I’ll dive into these incredible offerings like Scrooge McDuck into his sea of gold coins.

My friend Becky McCleary is hosting this event at wonderfully named site, Invincible Summer. Make sure to check it out and find the goodies that speak to you in whatever season of life you’re living in right now.

Visit the giveaway here!

I really hope you enjoy this event and that you find some amazing treats and bloggers that enrich your life. Now I’m going to hit publish and check out dem goodies :)

Have a lovely week!



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The Secret to Wild Creativity

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You know how sometimes the universe just seems to align to bring you one powerful message?

I’m the kind of person who can noodle an idea around for years before I finally do something about it, and most of the time the idea goes stale before I even make it real. I’ve been working on the same novel for 5 years. I have tons of unfinished work sitting around my studio and even more ideas for art, novels, stories, whatever closed up into notebooks and sketchbooks that litter my apartment.

All this buildup of ideas leads to creative constipation, which as you can imagine isn’t pleasant. The pressure of needing to create causes some serious mental stress when it’s not acted upon.

Maybe you have a million ideas that you haven’t gotten around to bringing into reality. Maybe you desperately want to create but don’t know how to start. Maybe you have writer’s block, artist’s block, creative block, whatever. Either way, the stars recently aligned as the universe gently bombarded me/reminded me of one simple answer: (more…)

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How to Create an Essence Board!


Last July I felt run-down, exhausted, and like I was losing myself. I was so tired all the time that I never felt like painting or writing. I hadn’t taken time off work in months and I ended up skipping a family vacation to use that time to stay home and relax instead.

Artist’s block passes and I know that, but it still scares me when I don’t feel like creating because creating is so much of who I am. When I don’t feel like creating, I don’t feel like myself.

I wanted to reaffirm to myself who I really am, in a way I could see. I needed something to remind myself of what I am.

I love the idea of vision boarding and sometimes I make vision boards, but this had to be something different, a work of art in itself.

Somehow this felt like the only creating I could do. I packed up some magazines I had laying around and walked to my best friend’s house so I could have some company while I worked.

And I made this:

I call this my “Essence Board”, a perfect visual representation of Who I Am. Colorful, creative, joyful, peaceful, adventurous. I keep this on my desk and whenever I look at it, I feel my spirit hum with joy.


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A New Adventure: Art Journaling!


Art journaling is all over the place right now. I have a giant Pinterest board full of ideas for journal pages and since I’m a journal nut anyway, the idea of art journaling just seems to fit! I can see so many reasons to art journal.

  • I can combine my love of art and writing.
  • I can express things visually that I may not be able to put in words.
  • It doesn’t have to be “good” or Etsy-worthy. Sometimes I need to be able to just make a mess!
  • It’s a lot more portable than hauling a canvas around.
  • It’s a fun way to play with different mediums and styles that might not fit with the work I make to sell.

This is something new I wanted to try this year, and I just wanted to share a few of the pages I’ve done.

These were all done in less than 20 minutes. Art doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming!

Art is Whatever You Need it to Be
Pastel, pen, acrylic paint


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Blossoms and Basics

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I’m painting up a storm! I’m kind of obsessed with blossoms this year. I’m so excited for spring. For weeks I’ve watched for signs; tiny leaf buds on the trees, the green tips of new flowers peeking from the soil, that warm spark of magic in the air. I saw real live daffodils the other day and it made my heart swell. Which I’m sure isn’t healthy, but it sure felt good. I’ve been visiting the ducks at a nearby park every day and I can’t wait until my favorite black and yellow birds return from wherever they go in the winter.

I’m enthralled by blossoms and the act of painting them is so soothing and joyful. Here are a few new pieces I’m adding to my shop:

Visit my art shop here!

Blue Blossoms Mini Painting-$17
View Here!

Purple Blossoms Mini Painting-$17
View here!

Cherry Blossoms Mini Painting-$19
View here!

Blossoms and Fireflies 11x14x.5-$90
View Here
8×10 Prints coming soon!

I poured so much joy into these paintings and I hope they’ll bring joy to their new owners.

While I’ve been having a great time in the studio this week, I’ve had some significant struggles too, things I never ever thought I’d have to deal with (because life has a sense of humor). I’ve been clinging to the basics, and sometimes that’s what challenges are here to remind us, to get back to basics and your top priorities.

So what are your priorities? What are the things you rely on the most?

For me, my priorities are my loved ones, writing, art, animals, and adventures. Those are the things I want in my life. I rely on gratitude, simple joys, laughter, and living moment by moment.

Sometimes, that’s the very best you can do, and it’s a good place to start when you’re in a tsunami of overwhelm and confusion. Basics, basics, basics.

Start by going back to the basics.

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